Shubh Saran is a New York-based Indian guitarist and composer who has performed extensively as a solo artist and with globally renowned musicians in the United States, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Vietnam and several other countries around the world. His career has been shaped by his passion for contemporary American music and Indian music. In his compositions, Shubh has crafted a unique style that draws from classical and contemporary Indian music, modern jazz, neo-soul, and rock. An official Reunion Blues Artist and an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Shubh has performed alongside some of the most famous artists in the American and Indian music industries, including OMI, American Idol’s Michael Lynche, A.R Rahman, Clinton Cerejo, Prasanna, and Mohini Dey.

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Shubh’s debut EP entitled A Room with a View (released May 20, 2014) is a collection of pieces written over the span of a year. Incorporating elements from modern jazz, soul and Indian music, each piece showcases the kaleidoscopic range of motifs and textures that defines Shubh’s compositional style. "His approach is reminiscent of Marcus Miller's approach to jazz-- cool, amiable, groove-oriented. Saran's debut EP, A Room With a View isn't riddled with over-complicated compositions and intellectual noodling. There's a simple, straightforward goodness to these songs that are a pleasure to hear. His intermingling of his Indian heritage with modern jazz sounds show great skill without insisting upon itself." -NextBop